Little Travellers On the Sea : Packed with puzzles, doodles, stickers, quizzes, and lots more

Автор: DK
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Издател Dorling Kindersley
Брой страници 32
Година на издаване 2020
Корици меки
Език английски
Тегло 191 грама
Размери 21x28
ISBN 9780241423714
Баркод 9780241423714
Категории Детска и тийн литература на чужди езици, Литература за деца и юноши, Книги

A travel-themed activity book that will keep children occupied and engaged while they're on holiday. Bursting with boredom-busting activities and more than 300 stickers, this colourful activity book will keep kids off their screens and entertained on their holidays. Young travellers will love this on-the-page voyage around the world as they play their way through fabulous sticker games, brilliant brain teasers, clever quizzes, creative doodling, and lots more.
On each page, little readers discover life on the open ocean as they play and learn. On The Sea Activity Book is crammed with more than 300 reusable stickers to use in the activities (and lots of extras for fun), as well as more than 35 games, including a word search of nautical terms, drawing a safe route through shark-infested water, a coral reef spot the difference, a cruise ship sticker puzzle, a trip up the crow's nest, and much more. Vibrant and creative, On The Sea Activity Book will keep kids occupied (and parents happy!) for a great start to the holiday.
Little travellers will use their brains, learn about the world, look around them, and imagine life on the open water. So are you all checked in? Let's turn the page and set sail!

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